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by Vinay Kumar

styleeast is a lifestyle blog that covers style, beauty, fashion, travel, and just about everything else that makes fashion and beauty interesting. You may recognize styleeast as the blog for The Fashion Spot, but that is probably just me trying to sound cool. To learn more about me, visit my personal website.


The site, which is actually the core of the site, is a fashion blog with a couple of new pages, each with a different look and a different content.

Styleeast has been around for a few years now and is owned by the same person as The Fashion Spot but not officially affiliated with them. They have a different site, StyleEast, which seems to be in the same “fashion and beauty” vein as The Style Spot, and the same person oversees both of them. Although they are both in the lifestyle blog arena, StyleEast is much more of a fashion blog.

This is a good point. Another good sign is that StyleEast also has no Facebook page. It’s a good thing the site is all about fashion and beauty, because Facebook can make it look like the entire site of a fashion blog is devoted to fashion, but there’s actually nothing specifically fashion-related on StyleEast. I’m going to guess that this is a good thing because the two fashion blogs are often lumped together.

StyleEast is owned by Styleblog, an outfit that has its own Facebook page, and also has a Twitter account. The two brands are so intertwined that a reader is more likely to become a StyleBlog reader if he or she follows StyleEast instead of a Styleblog reader if she follows StyleEast, as StyleEast is considered to be the “official” style blog.

StyleEast has been a fashion blog since 1998 and is the first fashion blog I’ve ever read. As for Styleblog, Styleblog has been around since 2004. So it’s not like it’s always the same two brands that run them.

Well, styleblog is owned and operated by a company called, so you do get some of the same brands that run theirs, which can be a little confusing. But if you want to be a StyleBlog reader, you should consider joining this company to get more of the same brands that run Styleblog. So StyleEast is owned by Vogue, but Styleblog is owned by StyleEast. So you get all of the same brands and most of the same names.

While Styleblog has been around for a while, StyleEast has just recently been launched, so it hasn’t been around for long. But you get all the same brands and most of the same names, so this is a great way to get more of the same brands. And in fact, I think it would be a good way to get all the brands that run Styleblog.

StyleEast is owned by Vogue, so it seems to be the same people behind Styleblog. The founders behind Styleblog are the same as the people behind StyleEast. They also have the same name. So it seems like StyleEast is a clone.

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