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by Vinay Kumar

If I’m a bit of a late-night junkie, I’m often called by name. While it may seem like I’m the only person in town to give you a tour of one of my favorite restaurants, I found myself on a lot of the same page about what I’m doing. Just a few minutes after the menu was announced, I called up a friend and asked her if I could get in for dinner.

The truth is I am a bit obsessed with photography, and Im not that good at it, so Im a little obsessed with keeping up with the day ahead. I don’t do photography, and I don’t have a great deal of time to spend with anyone else, so now that I’m on the hunt for some time to sort through all the photography and make up my mind about a new camera, I’ll be on my way.

It’s a really good question. It’s really hard to say if I’m obsessed with photography, as I don’t have any particular interest in photography, or if Im obsessed with photography as I like to play with my cameras, but either way I am constantly trying to get better (and not just my camera). I like to take a lot of pictures (especially with DSLRs) and Im constantly looking for new ways to make them better.

The camera is really good at taking picture-taking, though. It’s hard to tell whether it’s actually taking pictures in real time or if it’s just taking pictures in a few seconds. Im just as obsessed with it as I am with time-keeping and photography.

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