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by Vinay Kumar

this is the only sponge pad I own that I have used in a medical setting. It is very thin and can absorb a lot of fluids and small wounds. It is also very good for cleaning wounds, especially for wounds that are on the surface. It is also a great sponge to use to wipe sweat from your forehead.

I’ve never used it but I have used it myself. It’s very soft and can dry a lot of fluids. It is also incredibly easy to use.

When I was a kid I was in the hospital because my parents were having a heart attack. They had to put me on a blood thinner because the blood thinners stopped working. I remember the nurse giving me the sponge pad. She used it to wipe off my sweat and the sweat from my forehead. I don’t think the doctor did this, but they both were very nice.

This is one of the most popular sponges. Its used for a variety of purposes. It is used to wipe off the sweat from the forehead and for the use in a shower for skin rinsing. It also has a different purpose in the shower, as it is used to wash away blood from the sponge and has been used for thousands of years, to remove blood and blood clots from the sponge.

I have never seen a medical sponge pad before. I have a sponge pad that I use in the shower, and that has a different purpose. My mom’s sponge looks like this. I am hoping it is the right sponge.

The use of the sponge pad for blood removal is a very old one. I’m not sure where this use came from. It’s a good idea, I guess. The sponge pad has been used for thousands of years, and it has been around since the beginning of time. It is a sponge pad, and it is a good idea.

The medical sponge pad is a sponge pad. When you think of a sponge pad, you think of a sponge that is used to soak up liquids, and for that reason, the medical sponge pad is a good idea. But its not just used for soaking up liquids. It has been used to remove blood clots and other blood clots. The same sponge pad has been used to soak up blood from a cut, and to soak up blood from a cut that was not bleeding.

So you might be thinking that the medical sponge pad is just a sponge pad, and that isn’t true. It is actually a sponge pad designed to soak up blood.

So it is a sponge pad that is designed to soak up blood. But why is it? That is the question that is being asked about the medical sponge pad. Well, its a sponge pad that has been designed to soak up blood. The reason we can soak up blood with a sponge pad is because the blood is trapped with the sponge, and the liquid gets trapped with the sponge. After the liquid and sponge get soaked up, they can be removed and the liquid can be drained or reused.

A sponge pad can soak up blood for hours on end. But you don’t want to add a layer of blood layer over the sponge to make it even more blood-based. To do that, you need to remove the sponge and remove the blood. And if you do that, you’re basically letting the liquid go through the sponge until it is completely removed.

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