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by Vinay Kumar

There are so many ways a person can manage their mental condition. We can use our mind to be more productive, to make better decisions, to make better food choices, to engage in more meaningful hobbies, or more active lifestyles.

I’m a fan of brain-training apps, but I think I’d be lost without a decent book or magazine with mental health information. The problem is that mental health information is almost always online. For instance, there are no medical websites available that outline the best ways to treat depression. The only thing you can count on is that you’ll find a good book on the subject and read it.

There are of course better ways to treat depression than reading a book, in fact there are several books by Dr. Oz that you can read to yourself. But for the sake of our discussion, let’s assume that you want information on how to treat depression. There are a variety of treatment methods, most of which involve cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and antidepressants.

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