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by Vinay Kumar

This may sound like a lot of work, but it does help you stay safe in the present moment. It helps you to stay motivated and in control of your circumstances.

Sometimes we fall back into those “lost recovery” types of rut. You know, that time where you want to feel good about yourself, but you can’t seem to figure out how to get there, so you find yourself constantly doing the same thing, only harder. Like buying an expensive dress on your own but you end up wearing the same dress over and over again.

One option out of the many that you can try is to think of it as a game like that. In this case, you’ll be playing a role called “Lost Recovery”. You’ll be trying to get your high-priced dress back on the hanger. You’ll be trying to avoid the temptation of the dress before you decide to wear it again, because you’ll end up wearing it again and again and again.

Lost Recovery is a game where you have to try to get your dress back to the hanger. If you fail, youll be kicked out of the game, and if you succeed, youll have to play the rest of the game again. Sounds a lot like the game of dress hunting to me.

A game where you have to buy your dress back from the hanger. Sounds like a lot like the game of dress hunting to me.

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