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by Vinay Kumar

lge is a word that has been around for a long time in the dictionary. In the early 1900s, lge meant a noun, verb, or adjective in this context. The meaning was used for nouns in which the lge is an adjective. The word lge was used to denote a person or thing possessed by a noun.

lge was originally a noun and was used in this way as the plural form. The noun lge was later shortened to just lge.

The lge is a common word in linguistics, one that is used to indicate possession. In other words, lge is a way to indicate possession, like the other forms lg and nlg. This form doesn’t indicate ownership, so it’s often used to describe an object, like a book, that is possessed by someone else.

lge is an adjective that describes a person or thing that is possessed, or in this case, possessed by another.

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