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How to share posts on FB in many groups?

by Vinay Kumar

Everyone wants to be present online, from little businesses to larger companies. Particularly, brands are focusing on the potential of Facebook groups. Groups enable useful user interactions, as opposed to fan pages, which have various constraints. Additionally, brands can target a highly targeted public using Facebook groups. For video marketing, you can use Jaynike to earn popularity.

However, due to a lack of time or other factors, having a presence in many groups can be a challenging and impractical undertaking for many brands. We’ve provided you with some advice in this piece that will help you increase your online visibility by simultaneously posting to several communities.

How can I post at once to several Facebook groups?

Third-party apps can publish to groups on Facebook. The group must, however, be linked to that specific app in its settings. You can adhere to these steps if you are the group administrator.

  • Join into your Facebook profile first.
  • Log in to your account on the app.
  • Next, select Group from the dropdown menu when you click the Facebook button in the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • After that, click the Group you want to connect with.
  • Next, select Add.
  • Click Add Apps in the section titled “Apps” in the Group options after scrolling down to find it. To add an app, first, choose it, then click Done.
  • You ought to be able to view the Facebook Group you joined if you visit your app account.

Use these methods to post to several groups at once:

From the third-party app dashboard, add the groups that you want to administer.

  • Choose the groups.
  • Publish your articles
  • Set the day and hour that you wish to share your post in advance.

It is done now. You are prepared to simultaneously share your post with different groups.

Can I Share on Facebook to Multiple Groups at Once?

Using third-party programs, such as the one mentioned above, makes this possible. You must, however, take care to only post to groups for which you are an administrator. Facebook’s Terms of Service would be broken if you posted to many groups at once that you don’t administer.

If you do this through a third-party app, your account can be suspended. It’s crucial to make sure you’re just bulk posting to groups in which you have administrative control. You are welcome to post to as many of your groups as you wish in that scenario.


1. How can a Facebook group be deleted?

Ans: By eliminating everyone from a group that you administer on Facebook, you can delete it. To remove a member, first navigate to Groups > Groups you manage > Members, then select the More (three-dot) tab. Click Remove [name] from the group after selecting everyone except for yourself (you may need to do this one person at a time). When you are the lone member of the group, select Leave Group from the More menu located next to your name.

2. How do I add a group administrator to Facebook?

Ans: Any Facebook group member can be appointed group administrator. Click the More (three-dot) option next to the name of the person you wish to make an admin of by going to Groups > Groups you manage > Members. Select Invite > Make admin. They’ll get a message inviting them to take on the role of administrator.

Final Words

Use the above trick if you want to share your post across many groups in one go. It is a cool trick and you can use it to spread the word about your post faster and more effectively. You need to try this and let us know if it works for you.

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