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how to print speaker notes in google slides

by Vinay Kumar

I wrote this post a while back after having to do a speaker note in some slides presentation I was doing. It was so frustrating and so difficult to do. I was so disappointed in myself and the process that I made it a post that I will share with you for a reason.

At least that’s the theory, but I think we should take this opportunity to explain why you might be having trouble printing a speaker note in Google Slides.

We want to make you familiar with our new book, How to Print a Speech. We really do that. It’s a new book for you to read. So, first of all, it’s about getting a sound out of a speaker, but also how to get a speaker note out of a speaker.

The speaker note is a very basic idea that you can use to get a few notes from a speaker. For example, we have a speaker that is a member of our conference, and she has some notes about this conference. Those notes are going to go into a conference folder, and then we’ll print them out, and then the conference is going to call in the speaker and she will have notes for that.

If you put the notes in the folder, they will get printed out, but that still won’t do anything. Printing those notes out won’t make a person realize that they have a speaker note in their folder. What you actually want to do is have the speaker note come to life in a speaker presentation. You can use voice to make the speaker note speak, and you can use a script to make the speaker note come alive. The first thing you have to do is find a good script.

I use a lot of voice, but I actually prefer my notes in a text file. In Google text, you can use the text tool to write the speaker notes in a text file. You can then save it as a.txt and then open it in Google text. I use a text editor with that functionality. It is a bit more complicated than that, but it works.

In my own presentations, I use a text editor tool to make the text file I have to share. Google text makes this a little more difficult, but there are a few other programs that will help you do that (ie, I use the Google Slides Previewer).

You can definitely print your speaker notes, but there are a few more things you need to do. Google text can’t save your slides to it, so you need to save your text file in a separate location in your Google Drive. This isn’t as hard as it might seem, but if you’re not careful you might end up saving the file to your Google Drive, which is a pain.

The other issue is that not all of the speaker notes will be in the same place. You might need to create a new folder, and then copy and paste the speaker notes into that folder. If you have multiple notes, you might need to do a similar thing. The other issue is that you can’t just save Google text as a.pptx file. You will need to save it as a.pdf file, and this will take a few minutes.

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