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How to add a picture on Pinterest comment?

by Vinay Kumar

Perhaps you had no trouble doing this in the past, but now you are unable to remark on photos. This is not only annoying, but it can also be very perplexing if you frequently see other people commenting on other people’s images. Socialwick will help you to grow your social media platform. So, where did the photo commenting feature go and is it still available? How do you leave a remark on a Pinterest photo? We’ll go over all you need to know in this article.

How Do You Leave a Comment on a Picture on Pinterest?

Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of its users, Pinterest officially discontinued the ability to remark with a photo in August 2021. In reality, they informed consumers of the change via email and urged them to use “Idea Pins” instead. As you surf Pinterest, you can still notice users commenting on photos as if this upgrade had had no impact at all. Kind pretty perplexing, huh?

Old photo comments will still be available on Pinterest, as stated in their email, but users are still adding new ones today. How can you remark on a photo yourself and why is this the case? In the end, there are just two main approaches that are still effective.

1. Sideload a previous app version

According to some users, the option to remark with photographs is still available if you use an older version of the app. Unfortunately, utilizing an Android phone or an Android emulator on a computer is the only way to sideload older versions of the Pinterest app.

In essence, this necessitates downloading earlier versions of the software from a website other than the Google Play store. The program is then installed as usual. It should be noted that you should consider sideloading an earlier version of the Pinterest app if it was launched before August 2021.

This is due to the removal of the option to post comments on photos at this time. Therefore, the version that we advise is Pinterest 9.21.0, which was made available on July 16, 2021.

We advise against updating unless you’re willing to give up the feature if you have an older iPhone and a version of the app that lets you remark with photographs. However, keep in mind that leaving photo comments is not always possible, even with an older version of the program.

2. Join A Pinterest Testing Group

Did you realize that Pinterest frequently subjects its users to research? For instance, they might change a few features for a select few Pinterest users to observe how it changes how they use the website or app.

It’s likely that a small number of Pinterest users are a part of a test population that continues to permit them to post comment replies that include images.

Unfortunately, you cannot ask to be a part of a particular test group. However, if you have numerous Pinterest accounts, there’s a higher chance that at least one of them has access to beta features.

Why did Pinterest remove the option for photo comments?

Because Pinterest hasn’t released an official statement, it’s still unclear why the firm opted to disable photo comments. We do, however, have a few suggestions.

When Pinterest first eliminated the option to remark with a photo, they informed users through email that although they would no longer be able to comment with a photo, they would still be able to add their own Pins to an “Idea Pin” to demonstrate how the outcome came out.

Users might test out a craft concept if someone posted an idea Pin for it and submit their results on the same Pin.

Using photo comments was already being used for this, so Pinterest probably wanted to promote the concept of Pins more. Instead of offering more advantages, they removed a prized characteristic.


Regrettably, Pinterest has stopped allowing users to comment on Pins with images. While some users still appear to be able to comment on photos while using an outdated version of the Pinterest app, this can only be done via sideloading the software if you have an Android phone or an outdated smartphone.

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