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Guide to the Warlock with the build “Sorcery” in World of Warcraft

by Ethan More

Warlocks are a magic class that specializes in applying many debilitating effects and dots – temporary debuffs that regularly reduce health.

The more debuffs the warlock applies to many targets, the stronger each of the effects. This feature makes him an indispensable assistant in all raids, including mythical raids – where, in order to fully realize the class, the boss has many supporters who will disperse the damage on the boss himself.

The class is very self-sufficient, but World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG and you can’t do it without the help of allies.

Changes to Dragonfly

At the end of November, the Dragonfly update was added to the world of Azeroth, which brought to the game a new archipelago of dragon islands, a new Draktir race, and the opportunity to continue pumping their characters.

Warlock, like any other profession, will have to go to the Dragon Islands to follow the storyline and level up beyond level 60.

Players will be waiting for the land of dragons of fire, ice, wind and earth, and it is necessary to help explorers and adventurers in their search in order to eventually reach the capital of the islands and saddle their first dragon.

In order not to go through the quest chain on your own, you can order dragonflight boost and get a character of the maximum level to go conquer new content and upgrade the dragon and its skills.

The higher the pet’s skills, the more complex tricks he will be able to perform. The character, when pumping, will improve as a rider, which will make it more difficult to knock him out of the saddle with flying creatures.

The dragon can be customized in detail to give it a unique look.

Warlock remains one of the strongest characters in the current update due to the increase in the number of curses inflicted.

New locations will be littered with groups of monsters and, in addition to dragons, you will need to destroy centaurs and giants, gnols and other monsters.

Warlock’s tactics remain unchanged – debuff everyone once and wait until each curse is enhanced by the rest of the cast spells. Monsters will die quickly, and experience and quests will pass very quickly.


A Warlock with an Affliction build is as good as the Beast Mastery. The class is able to deal damage to many targets at once, but from the minuses – not like a magician with one skill, but dots, which will first have to be hung on each target, and then keep a distance until the monsters die.

Skills and talents

At level 15, we take Drain Soul – a talent for periodic damage using dark magic for 5 seconds.

At level 25, we choose any talent – they are both useful and do not differ significantly from each other.

At level 30, choose between Swift Run and Dark Pact:

Rapid Run – significantly increases the speed of movement, but deals damage during the effect, in fact, is a useful curse.

Dark Pact – sacrificing health creates a dark barrier around the warlock that absorbs damage equal to the sacrificed health.

I would advise you to take Swift Run – it will allow you to impose dots on many opponents, which will gradually kill all enemies being strengthened against each other, and due to running you will be able to increase the distance from monsters to their death and debuff new enemies due to your speed and mobility.

At level 35 – Planting Seeds, or Spectral Singularity:

Planting seeds – curses the enemy by introducing a cursed seed into him, gradually the seeds grow and pass to two more opponents. Remember that the more cursed targets from the actions of the warlock, the stronger the effect of each of them.

Phantom Singularity – a mixture of dot and AoE attacks – deals periodic damage to all targets within a 15 m radius and converts some of the damage into health regeneration for the warlock.

At level 40 – Face of Decay

Face of Decay – Frightens the enemy and makes him run, at the same time imposes a curse that drains life from the enemy and restores it to the warlock.

Level 45 – Wandering Spirit

Wandering Spirit is an active skill that will chase the enemy and inflict periodic damage on him, if the enemy dies, then the ability is restored.

At level 50 – Black Soul: Anguish

Black Soul: Suffering – due to defeated enemies, significantly increases the speed of movement for 20 seconds.

Attack-type warlock’s main skills have been buffed – Base damage of Shadow Bolt and Icon of Burning Incinerate has been increased.

On the contrary, defensive skills have been weakened – Dark Pact now protects you for 200% of the sacrificed health (was 250%).

The amount of additional shield Dark Pact Badge has been reduced by 50%.

Spell Block Icon, Spell Block has been removed from the talent tree and returned to Felhunter.

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