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by Vinay Kumar

Although I am far from a western movie buff, I do enjoy watching some western movies. I was even the proud recipient of a new DVD set one Christmas. I’ve been watching a lot of the “Old West” type movies recently, plus I’ve got a new favorite movie on my to-watch list, if you know what I mean.

The original films are some of the most popular westerns I’ve seen. They’re still some of the best of the westerns and Ive also watched a couple of the more action-dramatic ones, for example the movie The Last of the Ring (which I loved), and a few other movies from the classic western series. It’s a great time to watch some western movies.

The original classic-western movies are a bit of a departure from the classic westerns that youve seen in the past. Instead the films are pretty much the same, and Ive got to see some more film-like movies in the future.

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