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by Vinay Kumar

This is the first time I’ve actually read this blog. Now I have a problem. A little about my blog.

We are all so busy and so much of our time is consumed by work that when we do get time to ourselves we tend to lose touch with the little things that we used to care about. I have a friend who lives in a townhouse on the west side of Chicago. She is a very active person and her blog is full of her thoughts and activities. She has about 4500 visitors a month, and her main blog is about her hobbies and interests.

The thing is she has such a big blog and it doesn’t really reflect her life. In a couple of weeks, I will have moved to the east side of Chicago and she will have moved to a condo in the same townhouse. While we both love Chicago, I have noticed that she is much more interested in her blog, whether it be about her hobbies, or just about her everyday life, she is still more active than I am, and I have almost no time for her blog.

I know it’s not really fair to say that she’s lazy, but she is very busy and has very little free time. She doesn’t seem to be active on the side blogs either. I have a few new friends on her side blogs, but she hasn’t been very active on there either.

Not to say we have completely lost our love for her, of course we still have many of her favorite blogs that we like to read, but it’s more than a little disappointing that we don’t all get the time to read her blog.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t still read us, in fact she often does. Our blog is just too much for her.

So, maybe she will be back, just not right now. But she will soon.

We really appreciate your support, but Dusty and I don’t get to see each other.

Dusty and I talk on the phone a lot, and I think she knows that I’ve moved to Florida but we just dont talk on the phone at all.It’s just too much for her.I think I would be a great influence on her life if we were to see each other more often.

If you ask Dusty, she says you’ve moved to Florida, but that she likes to visit the other side of the country, which is the state of Texas, and she has a great family there.

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