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doing the deed

by Vinay Kumar

When I first started working at HomeGoods, I worked my butt off just to get the job done. Then I kept on going until I was fired. When I found out I didn’t even have a job, I was so upset I told my boss that I thought I’d never work at a job that didn’t pay well. I was fired, and it was like I just lost my mind to the extent that I did.

At the time, I was hired to do the cleaning, which I did pretty well. I was told to go to the bathroom and clean the bathrooms. In the middle of the process, I realized that the bathroom I was cleaning had been left clean for three days, and the sink had overflowed with water. It was full of stuff that had spilled out and it was disgusting. I did have a few other jobs that paid well, so I decided to apply for the position again.

The job description at the time was “to clean bathrooms and kitchens with a passion.” My response was, “I sure am.

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