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by Vinay Kumar

depreciable? It’s a word that most of us have heard before in a few different forms, but what it actually means is that a thing is not worth anything and shouldn’t be considered an object of value. If you’re thinking about buying a new car or a house or a houseplant, then that’s an example of depreciable.

Depreciable is a word that is used when we want to say that what is being bought is a product that is not a good investment. If youre thinking about buying a house that is just a storage space for your stuff, then that is depreciable.

Depreciable is an interesting word. To me it conjures up the idea of a piece of paper that is nothing but a blob of white paper with a black border that you have to tear up and throw away or the paper will never be used again, or the piece of paper has no value whatsoever. This term was coined by the late economist Adam Smith. Here is where I think we can apply some of Smith’s ideas to the world of painting.

Depreciable means you can’t just throw it away, because it might get used again someday. It might be a piece of art, it might be a piece of jewelry, it might be a house, or it might be a piece of furniture. Depreciable means that it will never be used again. And no, you don’t have to throw it away.

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