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by Vinay Kumar

I love my dog so much that I would put him in the hospital if we were in a car accident.

A good story to tell in death-loop, but I’m still not sure what to do about it.

I love me some kidersburg. It is one of those places where you never really know if the doctor who was on duty during the accident is still here. If the doctor is not here, he will be at a family member’s house, which is a good idea because it is a very good idea, but it’s also pretty creepy. So we have to check around a bit.

We have to check around. I would not have been able to call up the doctor on my phone if I didn’t know he would be on his way home.

You would think that someone who owns a pet clinic would be able to be more professional about keeping their staff, and their clients’ pets, updated. But apparently that is not the case. In September of last year, the owners of the Pet Clinic at Childersburg, PA, filed a lawsuit against their doctor for neglect and emotional distress after a former patient claimed that the doctor “failed to take steps to ensure the safety of the animal” during the time of the incident.

One of the questions in that complaint was, “Did you have any knowledge that Mr. Smith’s dog was ill prior to his arrival at your clinic?” When the doctor was asked that, he said he had no knowledge, but he did not deny that Mr. Smith’s dog was suffering from an illness.

Again, this is not a medical malpractice case. We’re only asking if you knew about it before he was brought there, and he says he did. His defense is that it was “pure coincidence” that he saw the dog suffering from an illness just prior to his arrival. He claims he did not recall it, but he did not deny he saw the dog in distress before he arrived at the clinic.

This is a very odd claim. Why would a doctor lie about a medical condition he had no knowledge of if there was a real medical problem? And how is it possible for the same dog to be both sick and well at the same time? If the dog is suffering from some medical condition, why not just go ask the owner? It seems a little odd that the owner doesn’t want to admit that there is a medical problem.

The main reason to look to the medical records to find out if they were a case of catalysis is that this dog is a cat. It does not mean that a cat could be catalytic. The term catalytic is used in medicine to describe a state of catatonic dysfunction, in which the organism causes a change in the state or behaviour of the organism to be normal.

In the case of a cat, the pet clinic owner seems to have decided that the dog is a cat and therefore not a pet, even though the medical records clearly state that the dog is a cat. We’re not sure why, but it seems likely that the medical records might not have been taken when the dog was born because the owner decided that the dog was a cat when it was born but not when it was adopted.

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