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can t reach google

by Vinay Kumar

The truth is that it isn’t easy to get to google, especially when your internet access is limited. But there are ways in which we can learn to get there.

The main idea of a google search is to get people to read the content you have for free. While it is true that a good search engine will find people you buy from before you buy it, it doesn’t make it easier to search. So just search for a word you like, then search for the keyword you would like to buy, then go to the next page and go to the last page and search for the search results you would like.

Sure, a friend sent me a link to this article that showed that a computer can find almost any word but it can only find words that are not words it is programmed to find. So there are exceptions to this as well, but I see this article as only a small example of the problem. The computer can find any word, but only if it is programmed to find any word that isn’t in the database.

The problem is that the internet is filled with words and phrases that are not words we are programmed to search for. In a perfect world we would be able to say “I am not searching for this word” or “I am searching for the word I am not searching for.” But in a real world that doesn’t happen.

Some of the words we search for on the internet are like a game. If we put an empty word in our search box we are not going to find it. It is the same with the computer. You can search for any word but if you put a word in our search box our computer is not going to find that word.

The search box is a tool that lets us go search our friends’ websites and search for matches to the Google results. If a match is found it means that the friend has been searched on the internet for the word “Search” on a search page. If no match is found the friend will find him in search.

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