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by Vinay Kumar

This is actually the best sentence this week. This is the first time I have written a sentence that has gotten a lot of attention and it shows that I am not just a mediocre writer.

I was just thinking that today’s “big woops” sentence is very similar to the big woops sentence from a couple weeks ago. I also think that this is probably the best sentence I have ever written. Thank you.

If you like big woops, you may want to read this.

Woops! This is a good one. To me it feels as if the two big woops sentences came from the same writer. I mean, we both know that someone who is a writer, writing this great sentence, was a great writer. We both know that the sentence you linked is also very good, too. So if you like big woops, you may want to read this.

Woopes. I have to admit, I love them. So long as there is only one. Well, there’s still one more, but this one is so good, I’m not sure if I should keep it.

Woopes are those big mistakes that you see made by writers and/or artists that you find absolutely hilarious. I see this happen so often now that I often wonder if I should be a writer. I’ve even made up a word that means woopes and it really does have a nice ring to it. But since I am a writer, I’ve decided that woopes are just as bad as spelling errors.

Woopes, or errors, or whatevah.

I think woopes are good. Not a few, but a few. There are so many things out there that could be written that could be woopes that I find them hilarious. In fact, some of the most serious writers I know have made up words that they think are funny. And that is a really good reason to be a writer.

This is a word that is used a lot these days. But you can’t have it because it has to come from a specific word. This is because if we want to be a serious writer, we need to be serious about what we are writing about. I say all of this with the hope that you will take on board what I have to say.

There is a lot of silly stuff happening in the world these days. And there is a lot of silly stuff happening in writers. One of the best jokes I’ve ever heard was in the late 70’s/early 80’s when I had just gotten started in college. I was in my first semester of my freshman year and it was a pretty wild week. Two of my roommates were playing ping pong and I was playing beer pong in the room next door.

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