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5 Unusual Symptoms of Diabetes

by Ethan More

With Diabetes, people always seem puzzled as the symptoms of diabetes may look like a common imbalance that occurs in the body, but when conditions start to become severe, they open their eyes.

Abnormal blood sugar levels are the messenger of type-2 diabetes, and as we said above, people who are at the stage of prediabetes are unaware of the fact that they are on the verge of getting diagnosed with Diabetes. So, it becomes evident that they are also unacquainted with the Diabetes management plan.

As the Mount Sinai Clinical Diabetes institute’s director and MD, Ronald Tamler, says, “For the most part, diabetes is silent and insidious, and most of the time, people have no symptoms early on.”

In some instances, there are squeaky indications, or you can say initial diabetes symptoms such as excessive urination, constant thirst, or sudden fluctuation in weight gain or loss. Neglecting such initial pre-indications may result in diabetic repercussions, which may not be reversible. In some cases, it has come out that due to even minor fluctuation or stimulation in blood sugar levels, nerves, kidneys, and eyes get affected severely.

Diagnosing prediabetes in its initial stage can avert the conditions from becoming adverse, but if the diabetes management or elevated blood sugar levels are taken for granted or casually, it will surely affect the entity adversely.

So, if you are experiencing risk factors for Diabetes, get acquainted with the Diabetes’ unusual symptoms mentioned below. 

Periodontitis or Gum Diseases

Per the new scientific report posted in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, periodontitis, also known as gum disease, is likely to be an initial sign of type 2 diabetes.

The study’s abstract illustrates that people affected with Periodontitis or gum diseases, particularly with severe cases, had elevated rates of diabetes and prediabetes.

According to doctors, the relationship between diabetes and gum disease is not a new leaf on the tree; if you are suffering from either condition, there is the risk of developing the other. The factors that elevate blood pressure and eventually cause Diabetes lie in the same factors that occur due to the inflammation caused by gum diseases. Following a balanced Diabetes management plan can potentially prevent such issues from exaggerating.

Dark Discoloration

One of the major symptoms you may notice before being diagnosed with Diabetes is a dark discoloration on the back of your neck, which is called Acanthosis Nigricans. It has been seen that this is usually an indication of insulin resistance, which is basically a loss of sensitivity to the hormone that the human body utilizes to accelerate glucose.

This loss of sensitivity to the hormone soon turns its face into full-blown Diabetes if a balanced Diabetes management plan doesn’t follow properly.

In a few of the reported cases of Acanthosis Nigricans, it has been found that it can also occur due to hormonal or thyroid disorders, cancer, or ovarian cysts. 

Birth control pills, corticosteroids, and some drugs and supplements are responsible for Acanthosis Nigricans.

So, before things get worse, it is significantly advised to go for a regular check-up, report any unusual symptoms you are encountering and solemnly obey your personalized diabetes management plan.

Unusual Sensations in Feet

It has been seen in the people diagnosed with Diabetes that about 10 to 20 percent of them have already been affected by some nerve damage associated with the disease. According to many doctors and specialists, it is barely noticeable in the initial stage of Diabetes. You may feel a sense of decreased balance or sensation or an unusual electric tingling in your feet.

Standing in one posture for long or wearing heels for a certain period can also cause these unusual sensations. It could probably occur because of other severe conditions. For instance: – Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

So, it is advised to consult your doctor about the condition or symptoms as soon as possible and follow a balanced Diabetes management plan.

Loss of Hearing or Impaired Vision

Loss of hearing and impaired vision is also an underlying sign that you might be affected by diabetes, as high blood pressure causes the adverse effect on your retina and disbalances the fluid around your eyeballs, eventually leaving you with impaired or blurry vision.

However, once the elevated blood sugar levels return to their initial state, eyesight is usually back to its previous condition or, say, restored. Although, the temporary damages could convert into permanent ones if the diabetes management is being neglected for a long or goes unmanaged.

Stimulated blood sugar levels can also target your nerve cells in the ear and lead to impaired hearing, due to which doctors across the globe suggest regular check-ups and a diabetes management plan.

Elevated Daytime Naps 

Another Unusual symptom of Diabetes is elevated or, say, longer daytime naps. The European Association for the Study of Diseases Annual Meeting showcased a scientific review last year stating that people who are habitual of taking daytime naps for more than one hour were 45% more likely to be diagnosed with type-2 Diabetes.

According to the Study Authors, taking elevated or longer naps during the daytime isn’t really the reason behind Diabetes. However, according to them, it can be a pre indication of various basal problems. For instance: – Depression, Sleep Apnoea, or Sleep deprivation.

All the mentioned conditions are linked with an elevated risk of Diabetes.

So, it is advised to monitor your sleep schedule to avoid severe diseases such as Diabetes or consult your doctor and follow a diabetes management plan.

To Sum Up

In this article, you have witnessed the unusual symptoms that occur at the early stage of diabetes. For instance: – gum diseases, dark discoloration, unusual sensation in feet, loss of hearing or impaired vision, and elevated daytime naps.

These are some unusual symptoms of diabetes that can be observed in the early stage of diabetes. The advantage of being aware of the pre-indications or, say, diabetes warning signs is that it can prevent the diseases from progressing and affecting the entity more adversely and also helps in building a balanced diabetes management plan

It might not be wrong to say that the earlier diabetes is treated, the better the results. Lastly, it is advised from our side that if you encounter any of the symptoms we have cited above, do not neglect them. Visit your doctor as soon as possible and follow a balanced diabetes management plan. As you have surely heard the popular saying, “Prevention is better than cure”.

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